I am a goalkeeper. I love being a goalkeeper. I believe it is an underdeveloped, crucial position.

As a player and a coach, I have been able to be a part of the evolution of soccer in the Salt Lake valley and surrounding areas. It has been fantastic to watch the level of play rise to where it is today. However, the emphasis has been on providing advanced training for field players, often forgetting about the critical goalkeeper position. If Utah goalkeepers are going to improve and compete, they need specialized training. I would like to see goalkeepers improve at the same rate and receive the benefits of advanced training as their field player teammates.

The goalkeeper is a unique, specialized position. Not one player can influence a game more than a goalkeeper. Many games are lost by just one or two goals. We spend the majority of our time training our teams how to score goals. How much time do we devote to training our goalkeepers to prevent goals? In youth games, goals are often given up due to bad habits developed from a lack of proper training.

The goal of the WASATCH GOALKEEPER ACADEMY is to train goalkeepers to reach their fullest potential. Every goalkeeper has aspirations. With dedication and training techniques of the WASATCH GOALKEEPER ACADEMY, goalkeepers have the optimum possibility of achieving their full potential and realizing their dreams.

Have fun, work hard and I’ll see you at the fields!

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