This is a layout of a complete development program for your club.

My goal is:
Individual advancement and improvement, team and club cohesion and college opportunities for goalkeepers.

I. Teaching/Training
    A. Technical Skills
        1. Catching
        2. Boxing
        3. Parry
        4. Diving
        5. Crosses
        6. Breakaways
        7. Distribution
    B. Tactical
        1. Positioning
        2. Communication
        3. Defensive Coordination
        4. Offense Minded
C. Video taping training and games with analysis
    D. Focusing on how to: Train, Compete and Win

Training can be conducted in three or four one hour sessions. The sessions will be broken down based on age and ability. The oldest age groups (under 18’s through under 16’s) will have the opportunity to learn to train younger goalkeepers to hone their own skills and learn how to run a training clinic while away at college or a future in goalkeeper training.

II. Practice
    A. Goalkeeper’s Team Practice
        1. Work with goalkeeper, team and coach/trainer
            a. Get everyone on the same page loud and clear
        2. Entire team learns how to communicate
        3. Team learns the concept of the goalkeeper being the first line 
            of offense
        4. Individual responsibility of field players when the goalkeeper 
            has the ball
        5. How to team defend
            a. Set plays (setting walls)
            b. Corners
            c. Goalkeeper coming out of goal
            d. Pass backs

III. Games
    A. Integrate game watching
    B . Breakdown and feedback of game play
    C . Video feedback

IV. Shooting (Finishing) Practice
 A. Excellent training scenario for controlled repetitions.
    B. Fine tune technical skills

        1. Catch, box and parry
        2. Foot and hand speed and positioning
        3. Mental toughness

V. Clinics with Parents, Coaches and Trainers
A. Teach and train all aspects of goalkeeper training so everyone 
       knows how the goalkeepers have been trained and what to 
       expect from their age group.

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