What Makes WGA Different

Every soccer program has an agenda. Every coach within that program has an agenda. They are trying to make each of their teams as successful as they can be. Coaches work towards building strong, cohesive teams that get results.

WGA focuses on the individual player. We are always looking to improve the player and help them succeed no matter which team they play for. WGA's main goal is to have all the players we train play at the highest level possible and reach their ultimate soccer aptitude, all while having fun and nurturing their love of the game. Coach Ragsdale is always there for his players no matter where their decisions lead them to play.

Coach Ragsdale is available to players to guide them towards reaching their goals. He not only spends time with his players on the training field but also helps their parents become a part of their child's development. Coach Ragsdale is familar with the protocol within the soccer community and helps parents navigate this sometimes confusing aspect of their child's development with impartial advice.

WGA offers players a development program specifically formulated towards their goals. Coach Ragsdale helps players identify their ultimate goal and then helps them identify the smaller goals they will need to achieve in order to succeed and eventually achieve their ultimate goal.
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